Legislative Representation

Whether the legislature is “in” or “out,” IRA is here to address your concerns regarding compliance, enforcement, and much more! It is our goal to keep members up-to-date on issues of interest and importance to you. Our lobbying efforts have consistently resulted in lower taxes, fewer fees, stricter theft penalties, and a more productive work environment for your industry and your employees. (See our Legislative Issues page for more information.)

Legislative Bulletins (for Members Only under Member Area)


Annual Legislative Reception

Held each year during the legislative session – A great opportunity to meet and talk with legislators in a casual and relaxed environment. It’s always one of the most popular receptions!

IRA’s Annual Legislative Reception
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Beside the Bardenay (612 W Grove St, Boise)
No Cost Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors


Idaho Retail Action Council (IRPC)

Pro-retail state policy starts by electing pro-retail state legislators. The Idaho Retailers Association’s political action committee, the Idaho Retail Action Council (IRAC), helps do just that. IRAC is a nonpartisan committee organized to:

  • Endorse candidates who have proven their support for a free market economy.
  • Assure retailing’s survival and growth by electing state legislators dedicated to creating a healthy retail economy.
  • Promote the visibility of the IRA in legislative circles.

Legislative activity on behalf of our members is our #1 priority. Legislators listen to those who support them. The IRAC helps open doors for the IRA so legislators can hear your opinion on the issues that concern you. IRAC identifies lawmakers who are pro-retail. These lawmakers are then rewarded through IRAC endorsements and financial support through contributions to their campaigns. These contributions are made based on recommendations from our members and from the IRAC committee.

The IRAC can accept both corporate and personal money. Do your part today to support Idaho retailing. Consider supporting the IRAC.